Important Notice

Dear customers,

We are sorry to report that on the night of Monday 18th of September our offices and warehouse on White Hart lane were destroyed by fire. Many will have seen on television and online news in the UK a huge fire at a industrial estate in White hart lane, North London . All business suffered severe damage. We have not been able to return to the site as fire brigade and police are still investigating the site.

The office and warehouse been moved to a temporary site and we remain open for business. We are committed to maintaining our efficient and reliable service to what ever the destination you want to ship the goods. Customers can contact us in the normal way through phone , email or via the website. Email us on info@tricofreight or call us on direct no: 020 8888 8787.

If you think your goods have been affected by the fire please send an email to Please ensure to include date of collection/your invoice no, sender/receiver details, detail packing list with value of your goods.

After 40 years of service in the UK to many ethnic communities (Sri Lankan/ Filipinos /Indonesian / Malaysian), this has been our worst moment but we are continuing to operate as before.

This has been very difficult week and our thoughts are with those who may have lost goods in the fire. We appreciate your patience while we try to find our feet again during this difficult time and we value as ever the continued support of our loyal customers.

Ashoka Wijesinghe

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